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So here is the deal, Veruca. You have one day to prove yourself. If OT is going to pay you for your time you had better make yourself worth it. Wailing and weeping aren't discouraged, but if, at any point, you quit you can just forget about being able to pay your bills.
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Sabrina works at a well in an open field on a scorching summer day.  Her master,  Steve Holmes, arrives with one of his slave girls, CJ, and is disappointed with Sabrina's productivity.  She is punished and put to better use by sexually servicing him.  In tight bondage, she sucks cock and gets fucked in the ass!
amateur bondagefree-for-all tits and nipple tortureWinnie Rider likes pussy torment. I'm not sure why we're bothering to say anything else. She's torrid, she's willing, she's literally pleading for us to hurt her. Her figure language says as much as her voice. She bends forth when she tells us about how much enjoyment she gets from suffering through heavy puss punishment. Whatever metal bondage devices and agony toys we bring out she will play with.

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Maxine X talks a lot about what she thinks she will love and what she hopes she will be able to suffer, but until she has spent some time with Cyd she doesn't know what sadism is. He makes sure her fragile parts have reached their tip sensitivity then he takes his most devious implements of torture and makes her scream for mercy. Even if she had seen it coming she could never have ready.Tiny Asian Marica Hase admitted to us that she was nervous. She has every reason to be. The Ten inches of gigantic black cock that are gazing her in the face are nearly as broad around as her wrists. A doll her size can't help but have tight holes but they are going to be entirely reshaped by the monster meat in front of her face. It's classic bondage and rough sex action that will tear her in two.bondage tits torture puffy nipples
Teenage bondage sluts prepare for punishmentNineteen yr elderly Kasey wants to be a marionette damsel. Yes, of course. Come right in and let us strip you naked, strap you down, tie electrodes to your creamy thighs, stretch your tight pussy with huge toys and test your aptitude for the vocation. After that you beg for more, and we put the wooden bondage stocks and the palm boxes on you for the hardest, sloppiest face fuckin' of your short life. The final pillaging will be your desire sopping pussy plunged with huge cock, slitting you open while you struggle in tight restrain bondage and attempt to enduring the biting pain of the clothes pinches. This is your vision, slave girl trainee.
Britney is just getting her soles wet with Bdsm. She's averse to do much more than tear up her toe in, so today we make the day an exploration into this world and watch if she can handle it. She is apprehensive about what she is willing to do, so we take it a tempo that she can treat. Britney gets close to tapping out a few times, but holds on with everything that she has and gets through the shoot.antique bondage photos from the 1950'sWelcome back Jennifer White to Hogtied. Damsels are not made any sexier or sexier than this. 
Sometimes you simply have to take sweetie, and nail it.  Tie it down so it can't get away.  Put it in a position where it's brilliant vulva is right in front of it's own eyes, and make it cum and cum and spunk.
Elise Graves likes to top from the bottom. She plans out every detail of her most mighty sexual dreams and pleads the boys around her to help her live them out. She make think she is going to get her way with this but we're going to see how well she treats it when things commence off going her way and escalate out of her manage. She has rather perverse tastes but how much can she take?Maddy O'Reilly attempts to pretend like she is the girl-next-door but when you hear about her sexual cravings you know it's all a sham. This is a girl that loves getting drilled so deep from both concludes that it feels like the cocks might meet in the middle. 10 inches of giant black spunk-pump sunk to the hilt in her perfectly clean-shaved pussy it is the happiest feeling Maddy knows.
This is part 1 of Four from the June live showcase.
Rain comes back to Device to be demolished and a demolishing is what she's gonna get. After an entertaining struggle out of our strapped warm up she is locked down. Bolted to the concrete wall, her palms and ankles hold her into a compromising position with pussy and bootie slot to be rammed with Alpha and Omega.
She takes it in both holes by the world's fastest, most powerful and most ruthless drill machines. Matt and I don't hold back there. She is served a series of unforgiving whippings to the soles, calves and booty. She is made to spunk and drizzle as Rain does. And this is just the embarking.Veruca James is a classic bombshell that is excited to try something new. When presented with a body like hers, one is obligated to take full advantage, try things she hasn't before - thrust her boundaries. Today is all about predicament bondage. Scream and get dazed, struggle and sense the tug of the nipple forceps. Every action Veruca takes will have consequences and none of them will be pleasurable.Lily LaBeau went through training over a year ago, and petitioned to go thru again before she perceived comfortable enough to attempt to become a TUF slave. Her instructing was intense and grueling, but she persevered and is now ready to be initiated. 
She is made to crawl into the lounge to be presented to the House guests for inspection. She is wearing restrain bondage ballerina boots which make walking nearly impossible without proper instructing. A service gag is applied to her face and she has to obey every guest a swallow while crawling. 
After a short training in the boots, she is bound in a partial suspension and we bring in Derrick Pierce to test her sexual abilities. The other House slaves join in and our piggy finds out the expected behavior of a House sub during sexual dates.Hailey Young just liked a few amazing climaxes and her post cum cigarette, but the demonstrate is far from over. She may desire she waited to relax.

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Dani gives you Dani. Not fake, not acting, just the unspoiled essence that is her. She is a playful creature that loves being made to suffer until she cries. She wants to be restrained to guarantee that the suffering and torture are inevitable. She hungers the pain; not a lot, but just enough to bring her to tears. She finds comfort in her suffering and then sneers again when the orgasms are ripped from her pussy.Kat is new on the vignette and we eventually get her on our pages. She is young and impatient to please, and likes to suffer. She is first put in a doggy stance with belts and chains. Tens pads are places on her ass and the torment begins. She is then fucked and an bum hook added to keep the biotch in the proper mind set.Next she is spread out and exposed for Orlando to torment her little figure more. She is caned all over and made to cum over and over until her pussy has no more to give.In the final gig, her body is caked with pegs, then packaged tightly in plastic wrap. Her pussy is the target and this time it is wrecked.amateur bdsm pornCages are a splendid thing. They let us lock the gals down and still have open access to their bodies. The bars give us hard points to truss them do, and they certainly keep them in place, but they also leave the damsels wide open to whatever we want to see and do. It's the hottest of both worlds. This cage has Bonnie Day and Nikki Darling locked up tight inside, and it's a jaw-dropping thing.
Maddy's got a insatiable imagination and drifts into a dark desire when she lays eyes on Ramon.  In her fantasy, she escapes a mugging on the streets only to be locked inwards a kinky cafe where the man of her dreams sexually dominates her with rough fuck-fest and bondage!  Watch her struggle and be manhandled, get jaws plumbed, plowed and punished, bound cock-squeezing in cord and gagged.
PD broke out his tart cage again to teach this cunt vikki how to be polite
Goals of this document:

	Formulate presumptions and recommendations based on analysis of available resources
	Distill presumptions to formulate anticipated goals and recommendations


	nice nymph, jiggly disposition
	'I'm very submissive...I just like being corded up and knowing I can't do anything about it.'
	inner reflections are difficult to articulate, lacks enthusiasm
	when asked what she wants her reaction is 'just to have fun'.
	snivels and snivels with lashing / smacking  -  from time to time w/ porking as well
	raunchy tearing up OK: 'I like it being smacked in the face, choked, hair pulled'
	Sucky-sucky action, have not seen anything impressive, shows up rote.
	Fuckbox gobbling, mediocre at greatest
	orgasms really hard w/ hitachi, body lock up / shakes
	highly mild snatch after orgasm
	restrain bondage and suspensions intensifies orgasm, 'highly much so'
	come in hatch and face OK


	blindfolds (hoods?)
	'She is afraid of being blindfolded, likes to see everything'  - Sandra R. WA 4961
	'not having control in a situation is very scary to me'
	Does fear make her puss wet?


	emerges to wield simple to good skills
	has done allot of Tool Restrain Bondage
	took the cattle prod for Donna BUT...does not like the cattle prod on other occasions


	'I love to be draped', but not very torturous ones
	'I like being roughed around'
	luvs being bound up and fucked


	mummification - 'every time I moved it got tighter....'
	doggie fashion boning
	'I don't like my feet being touched...'
	blindfolds / hoods

an attitude or belief dictated by probability

	she appears to be a pretty fine little play toy
	willing to take a fair amount of agony, an supreme restrain bondage model
	luvs to be pushed, seeing how much she can take
	inward sense of accomplishment is a monstrous motivator for this one. 
	she is shy, difficulty voicing her obedience beyond the base elements
	does she have the tummy to be a gimp? - can she face down adversity?

Explore suppositional impressions and prepare a critical, overall appraisal of the applicant

	conduct an dialogue, physical inspection, psychological evaluation
	see file: Questions for Alexa
	observe and note traits and characteristics:
	manners, attitude, responses to physical and mental stimuli
	intelligence, comprehension of D/s concepts
	glance for signs of slave heart	
	note responses to sexual stimuli, vibration, orgasm denial, oral and vaginal penetration
	pain response - teach her to channel pain and delectation in other ways
	assume control over her, hobble her in restraints 
	intensify the concentrate on her internal dialogue with homework:
	20 ways to express submission

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